SG101 Leg Ham Champagne  
SG102 Leg Ham Champagne Sliced 
SG103 Leg Ham Virginia  
SG104 Leg Ham Virgnia Sliced 
SG105 Leg Ham On the Bone 
SG106 Leg Ham Semi Boneless 
SG107 Leg Ham Semi Boneless Homemade 
SG108 Proscuiutto  
SG109 Proscuiutto Sliced 
SG110 Spanish Serrano  
SG111 Spanish Serrano Sliced 
SG112 Pancetta  
SG113 Pancetta Sliced 
SG114 Porchetta  
SG115 Porchetta Sliced 
SG116 Hungarian Salami  
SG117 Hungarian Salami Sliced 
SG118 Flat Soppressa Salami  
SG119 Flat Soppressa Salami Sliced 
SG120 Flat Soppressa Salami Hot  
SG121 Flat Soppressa Salami Hot Sliced 
SG122 Hand Made Sopressa  
SG123 Hand Made Sopressa Sliced 
SG124 Hand Made Sopressa Hot  
SG125 Hand Made Sopressa Hot Sliced 
SG126 Felino Salami  
SG127 Felino Salami Sliced 
SG128 Felino Salami Hot  
SG129 Felino Salami Hot Sliced 
SG130 Greman Salami  
SG131 Spanish Salami  
SG132 Mortedella Plain Sliced 
SG133 Mortedella Olive Sliced 
SG134 Kabana 6 pack 
SG135 Strassburg  
SG136 Strassburg Sliced 
SG137 Lomba  
SG138 Capocollo Full  
SG139 Capocollo Half  
SG140 Turkey Breast  
SG141 Turkey Breast Sliced 
SG142 Chicken Supreme Sliced 
SG143 Smoked Chicken Breast  
SG144 Corned Beef Sliced 
SG145 Eye Corned Beef  
SG146 Eye Corned Beef Sliced 
SG147 Beef Pastrami  
SG148 Beef Pastrami Sliced 
SG149 Smoked Hocks  
SG150 Middle Bacon  
SG151 Middle Bacon Rindless 
SG152 Short Eye Bacon Rindless 
SG153 Whole Short Bacon Rindless 
SG154 Whole Kaiser Fleish  


SG155 Cacciatora Air Dried 
SG156 Cacciatora Hot Air Dried 
SG157 Choritzo  
SG158 Italian Pork  
SG159 Italian Pork Hot  
SG160 Italian Pork and Fennel  
SG161 Bratwurst  
SG162 Bratwurst  
SG163 Chiopolatta  
SG164 Beef  
SG165 Beef thick 
SG166 English Pork 90% fat free  
SG167 English Pork 90% fat free  
SG168 Premium Chicken  
SG169 Honey Lamb and Rosemary  

Please feel free to suggest custom sausages of your choice as all our sausages are made by us.